One Girl Scout’s Golden Gate Bridging Story [Video]

GGB is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for girls bridging to Cadettes! Marissa shares her Golden Gate Bridging story, from the perspective of a girl, volunteer, and GSNorCal staff member.

How to Sell More Girl Scout Cookies: Tips from a 4,000+ Box Seller [Video]

The Girl Scout Cookie Program brings out tons of goal-getters, like Junior Girl Scout, Allura. Last year, Allura sold 4,018 boxes of cookies, so she’s here to share some exclusive insights about how your girls can increase their cookie sales and exceed their goals!

How to Build and Maintain an Inclusive Girl Scout Troop

In today’s world, “diversity” can often seem like a buzzword that’s difficult to fully define, but diverse perspectives can bring diverse ideas, solutions, experiences, and more. Are you making sure that your troop is open to all potential members?

14 Awards That Complement Your Cookie Sale

As you’re gearing up for your cookie sale, check out these 14 awards that seamlessly integrate into the Girl Scout Cookie Program and will help your girls kick-off their cookie biz with ease!

How to Boost Cookie Sales with a Girl-Led Booth Design

Design may sound useful in art, but it’s just as important for STEM! Get your girls to start thinking like engineers as they practice the design process and take their cookie booths to the next level.

Getting to Know the Volunteer Toolkit: Resources Tab, Help Menu, and Smart Tips

The Volunteer Toolkit is a digital resource that supports troop leaders and co-leaders, making the process of running a troop easier and more efficient. In early 2018, GSUSA rolled out a few enhancements that you should definitely take some time to get to know – a major update to the Resources tab, an all-new interactive Help Menu, and Smart Tips designed to make VTK usage a breeze!

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5 Quick Ideas for Cookie Sale Success

In just a few days, our council kicks off our 2018 Girl Scout Cookie season. This year #cookietime runs from January 29 to March 4, and in case you’re not already pumped, we’ve assembled 5 tips and reminders to get your girls in the cookie selling spirit!

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It’s Our Birthday! Looking Back at The Trailhead’s Top 10 Posts

The Trailhead is turning 1! In the last year, we’ve published over 100 blog posts packed full of tips, resources, ideas, and inspiration. So to celebrate this heartwarming milestone (and get us excited for another year of awesome content), Leah put together this post to look back on 10 of our favorite, best performing posts from the last year.

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Why You Should Send Your Girl to Girl Scout Camp [Video]

With so many outdoor program options, you may be wondering “Why should I send my girl to Girl Scout Camp?” In this post, Mary, our Senior Director of Camps & Adventure, shares the greatness of a Girl Scout camp—the activities, friendships, experiences, personal growth, tradition, and fun, sprinkled with camp magic and mashed together over the span of one, two, or even three weeks away from home.

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